In the conference titled “School Reimagines Itself”, we aim to:

1- Question the shifting educational paradigms in Turkey and around the world, handle vital aspects and questions about education from different perspectives, and propose possible solutions, in honor of Hisar School’s 25th anniversary

2- Prepare a report to be submitted to MEB (the Ministry of National Education), stakeholders, and other schools at the end of the conference.

We contemplate a conference where no participator will remain just as an audience but they will be able to bring forward proposals and contribute to the change.

Instead of discussing the system, our priority is to discuss the School where education comes to life and takes form in its entirety.

In the first part of the conference, we will be listening to the speakers as they present their assessments and different views on the various School-related areas they are specialized in, reimagining what the School is. Also, with the In-Depth Workshops, we will imagine the School with its different aspects in a discussion around predetermined questions about design, which will be led by a moderator, and we will create design proposals.

We believe that, at the end of those two days, we will be able to bring forward concrete and actionable possible solutions to the existing problems of the School, which lies at the center of the education system, with the valuable contribution of our speakers and all the participators. We already feel excited to list these possible solutions in a report and share them with MEB, all stakeholders, and other schools.