Hisar School is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the 2021-2022 Academic year. To mark the School’s contributions to the Turkish academia with its bodacious purpose of being an exemplary school in Turkey, and to honor and address the most important values of the Hisar community in this important milestone, we have taken the initiative to organize a landmark event, the Hisar Education Conference, in partnership with Education Reform Initiative Education Lab. The Conference titled “School Reimagines Itself” is re-scheduled to take place online on April 9-10, 2022.

As we speak of education, we believe that we need to focus more on and provide more solutions for subjects that will affect our daily lives, help us change our behaviors and our lives for the better. We are organizing the conference with the aim to question the shifting educational paradigms in Turkey and around the world, handling vital aspects and questions about education from different perspectives, and propose possible solutions. The theme, program, and content of the conference have been prepared with the assistance of ERG Education Laboratory.

The theme of our conference will be “the School”.

The education system comes to life in its entirety at the School. However, the School is also one of the most criticized institutions. But the School still remains at the center of our academic life and we should ask ourselves how to make it more meaningful for educators, families, and especially for children. On the other hand, The COVID-19 pandemic has made the role of the school in our lives even more visible and opened up new discussions about the future of the school.

How can we contemplate and design the future of the School together?

In the conference where we will host important local and foreign speakers who are experts in their relative fields, we aim to come up with practicable suggestions on the development of school education, provide outputs that will positively affect the quality of school life, and contribute to the change.

We invite you the conference of Hisar School on April 9-10, 2022, to rethink and redesign what the School means with its various aspects.

Hisar Educational Foundation was founded in 1970 with the endeavors of a group of educational volunteers to support the implementation of contemporary and progressive educational models and it is one of the rooted non-governmental organizations of our country. Hisar Educational Foundation continues its efforts to help raise the education standards in our country and contribute to its development by training our students to become public-minded, socially beneficial individuals. Hisar School, founded by Hisar Educational Foundation in 1996, is a school that provides quality education with high academic standards from Preschool level to the 12th Grade classes. The mission of our school does not only involve offering enriched curricula with high standards by our strong academic staff, but also ensuring that students discover and develop their inner potentials. As Hisar School, we proudly celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation in 2020. For detailed information read more.